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Kate Arroyo


I am in my Senior year as a PR student. I am also taking Broadcast Performance, Advanced Media Lab, PRII, and an internship at the Arthritis Foundation.


Messenger Story Ideas


Hey guys.

Please comment on this post and include your story ideas for the 2012 Mass Media Messenger. Remember, the magazine mails in June/July.


Here are a few ideas to get us started.

1) Airbods/Dn’A Radio show (Derek Huff & Austin Abernathy)

2) Going back to Paris this spring

3) Night of Media Merriment (second annual)


Thinks of news that fit these broad categories: student news/profiles, faculty news/profiles, class profiles, stories media professionals and alumni would care about

Class: Please comment here


We are going to spend a lot of time working on projects together. Let’s get to know each other. Please comment on this post with a brief bio of yourself.

Make sure to include the following at the top in this order.




Expected Graduation (semester and year):

Three jobs that sound appealing to you in the field.

And, finally, whatever else you would like to include.

You can see my comment below.

Welcome Class


If the old adage, “third time’s a charm is true,” then you are in for a wonderful semester. In our new curriculum, we have merged publication layout and design (formerly required only for media writing and publishing students) and editing (formerly required for mw&p and public relations students). Now the course is called Editing and Design and is required by advertising, contemporary journalism and public relations emphases.

In the spring semester, we have the task of producing the Mass Media Messenger, an annual publication that is mailed to all mass media alumni and friends. We sell the ads, create the content, edit the content and design its pages.

As for the course, I’ve tweaked it and obsessed over it during break. I realized one big thing was missing–the course blog. I love blogs. I’m known for it. I think the addition of this blog has already made the class better.