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We are going to spend a lot of time working on projects together. Let’s get to know each other. Please comment on this post with a brief bio of yourself.

Make sure to include the following at the top in this order.




Expected Graduation (semester and year):

Three jobs that sound appealing to you in the field.

And, finally, whatever else you would like to include.

You can see my comment below.


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  1. Regina Cassell
    I studied journalism
    I had a minor in criminal justice
    I graduated from Northwest Missouri State with my BA in journalism in May of 1996 and then I graduated with an MS in journalism from the University of Kansas in December of 1998.
    Jobs. Well, I love teaching, so it’s first. Next would be a news reporter for a newspaper, followed by a copy editor position.
    Well, I’ve been married almost 15 years to Gene Cassell, who is the Sports Information Director at Washburn. We have two boys, Jacob, 8, and Jared, 6. I spent a lot of time being a mom, which is why I leave work most days at 3:30 p.m to pick up kids. I am active with my church and the Boy Scouts. When I am not chasing boys or grading papers, I love to read just about anything.

    • Sheena LeMay-Nelssen
      Public Relations
      I don’t have a minor because I’m getting my first bachelors degree in integrated studies with a concentration in photography at Emporia State so my bachelors in public relations is my second degree.
      I’m graduating from both ESU and Washburn spring 2012.
      My top three jobs: my first is sports public relations with either a university like KU or a pro team like the Miami Heat. My second is non profit public relations with an organization like the Red Cross, American Heart Association or It Gets Better Project. My third is copy editor of a magazine like Rolling Stone.
      I’m married and live in Lawrence (drive to Topeka and ESU online). I am currently doing an internship with the Topeka RoadRunners. In my spare time I like to do special effects make-up.

  2. Kyle Kelly

    My major is Public Relations.

    My minor is Sociology.

    I expect to graduate Spring 2013.

    Three jobs that I find appealing would be being involved in the communications department for a pro sports team, ideally in MLB. I wouldn’t mind doing design work for people, I did that for a non-profit last summer. I also wouldn’t mind doing some sort of sports writing, as I enjoy writing for my baseball blog that’s affiliated with

  3. Lynda Zook
    Integrated Studies; Computer Design Web Tech emphasis
    December 2012
    Nontraditional student-looking for skills to use into retirement
    Interests include: Video journalism, documentary, multi-media app development and design

  4. Anjelica Willis
    Contemporary Journalsim
    2013, Spring Semester
    Working at CNN, News reporting for events,and do reporting for the news.

  5. Richard Kelly

    Contemporary Journalism (Media Writing and Publishing by old curriculum. :P)
    ‘m doubling as a Social Work major, so that’s my minor.

    I’ll finish SW in May and MM next December.

    I’d like to work with concert marketing/PR, social work PR/marketing or as a beat writer or copy editer for National Association of SW.

    I’m stoked to get this semester rolling. Should be legit!

  6. Charity Hockman

    My major in in Public Relations
    My minor is in English

    I should graduate this May if I can get through this class… =)

    I would love to work in the sports field planning PR for the team or organization in Topeka or Kansas City. Working for a resort like Great Wolf Lodge in PR or Marketing.

  7. Name: Brooke Rollison

    Emphasis: Public Relations

    Minor: Leadership

    Expected Graduation (semester and year): Spring 2013

    I would like to work for a corporation as a PR associate; Possibly for Coach or a Coach Factory Outlet. I also wouldn’t mind writing or being an editor for a magazine and I’m also interested in being a wedding planner.

    “life isn’t measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away”

  8. Name: Jessica Eastwood

    Emphasis: English Literature

    Minor: Mass Media focusing on editing and design.

    Expected Graduation (semester and year): May 2012

    Three jobs that sound appealing to you in the field: Book Editor, Magazine Editor, PR

    I work full time and have a 2 1/2 year old daughter.

  9. Name: Melissa Kershner

    Emphasis: Advertising

    Minor: Art

    Fall 2012 is my expected graduation date.

    I would like it work in radio advertising, promoting new artist as well as explore writing jingles!

  10. Dakota Palan-Johnson

    Emphasis in Public Relations
    Minor is in Art

    Graduating next Fall preferably.

    Want to Work PR in the the professional sports world.

  11. Name: Matt Kelly

    Emphasis: Writing and Publishing

    Minor: Sociology

    Graduating: December 2012

    3 Jobs: Magazine staff writer/editor, blog journalist, freelance journalist

    I have a twin who is a cop.

  12. Name: Ebonie Williams
    Emphasis: Public Relations
    Minor: Business
    Expected Graduation: Hopefully walk Spring 2012, likely to officially be done in December =(. This is my fifth year of college.

    I would like to work in the entertainment industry as a Brand Manager, Artist Development or a PR associate for a Record company.

    I play basketball here at WU. Go Lady Blues!!

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