Messenger Story Ideas


Hey guys.

Please comment on this post and include your story ideas for the 2012 Mass Media Messenger. Remember, the magazine mails in June/July.


Here are a few ideas to get us started.

1) Airbods/Dn’A Radio show (Derek Huff & Austin Abernathy)

2) Going back to Paris this spring

3) Night of Media Merriment (second annual)


Thinks of news that fit these broad categories: student news/profiles, faculty news/profiles, class profiles, stories media professionals and alumni would care about


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    • Last year’s story did focus on the WU sports crew, but we did mention those who also do hockey. It might not be different enough. Maybe focus on another business that benefits from our students.

    • We’ve covered the curriculum, so we would want to focus this in a different direction. If you picked 2-3 students and talked about their experience as the department moved from old to new, it would work well. I think freshmen who entered under the old program would have the most to say as they were caught in the changeover.

  1. As a student from another country with a different culture, I think it would be interesting to feature international students who are taking Mass Media courses here at Washburn. I’m particularly interested about their orientations and expectations about a Western-centric media system and how this impacts on their understanding of and appreciation for a cross-cultural framework of media presentation and analysis.

    Michael U. Obenieta

  2. Perhaps we could do a story on what graduating mass media students plan to do with their degrees. If they have internships, or jobs already in place. It would be sort of a feature, but would still be very relavant to undergrads who are strugglilng with what they can do. Of course a reporter would need relevant statistics with graduates from washburn and specifically the mass media department.

  3. I have a couple of ideas for stories: Chris Marshall is a graduate of the Mass Media department and works for the Capital Journal. Last year he was recognized as one of the Top 10 sports writers in Kansas. Also, Mike Wilhoite is a graduate of the Mass Media department and he was the captain of the Washburn football team. He just signed with the 49ers NFL football team.

  4. I know it is something that was featured in the Messenger last year, but if I was an alumni and didn’t make it back for the banquet, I would like to hear about the students who received scholarships and maybe about the featured alumni(a)/mc who came back for that year.

    Just an idea.

    I saw a previous comment discussing the curriculum, but do you think it would be fun to do a page over Boot Camp? You could really play up the title and I think that Maria would appreciate getting recognition for her “baby.”

  5. How the Mass Media department has provided opportunities for the students to practice their emphasis in Mass Media. For example, job opportunities, and career explorations

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