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Make sure you include an analysis on why you think this is a good piece or not. Be specific.


Design Typography

This site shows amazing ways to utilize typography. Some of the designs the actual type is the image in the picture. This is very original form of advertising and art.

Group 5: Charity & Matt

Test 2

Post: specific design examples


Good ad designs


Here is a PP of some advertisements that I found to be catchy, creative, and interesting. Click the link below to view the Powerpoint.

Creative Ads

I chose the watch ad b/c it’s interactive. It’s a strap on either a bus or a subway and you slip it through your wrist so it’s like you are wearing the watch and you can see what it looks like on you. I chose the hour glass ad b/c it takes the overall idea of the ad and condenses it down to a simple idea. I chose the smoking ad b/c it takes something that smokers may not even think about, and shows them the actuality of what it does, it’s simple and straight to the point. I chose the Extra Gum ad b/c it conveys that their Gum keeps your teeth strong and doesn’t rot your teeth like some sugary gum does. I posted the sun awareness one b/c it’s a very creative way to send the message. They want you to take a break and grab some shade, and the actual words come down on the sand through the sign in a shadow. I chose the paint billboard b/c it takes the ad on the billboard, and expands in a very eye-catching way by taking the spilt paint bucket from the billboard and making it “spill” out onto the wall and the parking lot.


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