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15 top web design and development trends for 2012


This list shows some awesome additions to design for 2012 and some expansions off of trends from 2011. While the list is not exhaustive, it is very easy to understand. Keeping up with trends will keep everyone’s work “hip.”


10 Things Journalist Should Know in 2012


With new and innovative things formulating every day, it’s beneficial that we, as journalists, keep up with the times. Even if journalism isn’t your thing, these 10 tips can be helpful to you in any major.

This post brought to you by: Richard Kelly and Brooke Rollison



Tutorial Posts on CS Adobe 5.5 software


These posts should provide beneficial feedback on the updates on Adobe CS 5.5, as well as help explain how to correctly use some Adobe products.

The final link should also provide some stress relief for our brains during busy times.

30 advanced photoshop illustration tutorials

What all is new is the CS 5.5 update?

What to do when you’re “out of ideas”

This post is brought to you by Richard Kelly and Brooke Rollison.