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Seeing the future? Predictions article




Grid Intensive Layouts- Exam 2


This is an example of a grid layout

Grid Intensive Layouts

Grid layouts aren’t new to 2010 (or even 1980), but web designers are starting to break away from traditional web layouts (header, content column, sidebar, footer) in favor of more unique, grid driven layouts. What started out with the movement has quickly spread to grid systems that can actually adapt to the viewers screen resolution.

How to make a QR code


How to make a QR Code

Go to

You have a few options

Pick what you would like your code to do. 

URL  Text  Phone Number  SMS

Pick your size from the drop down list
Size:   S  M  L  XL

Save your QR Code as a Jpeg if you are using it for a print publication, this will provide easy placing.
Group 2 : Jessica, Melissa, Lynda

Tutorial Posts on CS Adobe 5.5 software – Replacing Color


Replacing color is frequently needed but not many know how to do it. Here’s a tutorial about replacing color.

The following link is word instructions.

This is a video of a different way to replace color

Group 2 Melissa, Lynda