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Text in a circle


I know this is something I’ve been wondering how to do in InDesign. I know how to do it in PhotoShop, but haven’t been able to figure out how to for ID.

Group 4 – Kyle and Dakota


Good ad designs


Here is a PP of some advertisements that I found to be catchy, creative, and interesting. Click the link below to view the Powerpoint.

Creative Ads

I chose the watch ad b/c it’s interactive. It’s a strap on either a bus or a subway and you slip it through your wrist so it’s like you are wearing the watch and you can see what it looks like on you. I chose the hour glass ad b/c it takes the overall idea of the ad and condenses it down to a simple idea. I chose the smoking ad b/c it takes something that smokers may not even think about, and shows them the actuality of what it does, it’s simple and straight to the point. I chose the Extra Gum ad b/c it conveys that their Gum keeps your teeth strong and doesn’t rot your teeth like some sugary gum does. I posted the sun awareness one b/c it’s a very creative way to send the message. They want you to take a break and grab some shade, and the actual words come down on the sand through the sign in a shadow. I chose the paint billboard b/c it takes the ad on the billboard, and expands in a very eye-catching way by taking the spilt paint bucket from the billboard and making it “spill” out onto the wall and the parking lot.


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