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You may call me MykeO



Hi, Dr. Stover and all my classmates in this online summer class!

I am Michael U. Obenieta from Cebu City, the Philippines. I have been a resident of Topeka, Kansas since my family relocated here five years ago. I am married to a school teacher with whom I have two sons. Coming from a tropical country (an archipelago of more than 7,100 islands surrounded by mountains and seas), we had a quite a lot of adjustments–particularly the change of weather and topography in the American Midwest–but we’re slowly getting the hang of it. 

A non-traditional student at Wasburn University, I’m currently on my senior year (major in Sociology and minor in Mass Media). Ever since I studied English literature in the Philippines, I decided to continue learning and to enhance my writing by immersing myself in Sociology and learning new developments in media. As a professional, I’m connected to a newspaper in the Philippines called Sun.Star Cebu where I still write opinion pieces sent via e-mail. Prior to my family’s departure to the United States in 2007, I used to be a reporter, feature writer, and magazine editor of Sun.Star Cebu. I was also involved in cultural work for the preservation of native languages. 

I believe learning is a lifelong process, and I admire people who keep on pushing the boundaries toward self-actualization and communal integration. Aside from sociology and journalism, my passion includes literature, cinema, and social networks. I’m also fond of the outdoors, and I find relaxation in long walks. I wish to become a teacher, like my  wife, someday.